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Kukk Architecture & Design, P.A. is a design oriented architectural firm specializing in restaurants, single family residential, small commercial projects and remodel/additions. We have built projects throughout Florida and have worked throughout the country.

Most clients already know what they want, but they need a guide to help get them there. We can show you the design of your home in drawings, color renderings and 3D computer modeling. We are dedicated to bringing our clients ideas and vision to reality.

We pride ourselves on providing distinct architectural solutions tailored to our client's lifestyles within the framework of a strong team relationship. High quality of service, good listening skills and diligent respect for deadlines are hallmarks of our practice. The firm has a growing reputation for creating architecture forged out of strong relationships and open collaboration between owner and architect. We are a ten person staff from all over the world, each contributing a unique background and professional experience to the firm.


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Thank you for the opportunity to be your architect.



Jon Kukk and his firm are an extremely talented and passionate group of architects. Jon's success is due to his ability to collaborate with his clients in creating unique homes to meet their desires. Jon is involved during the entire build process, respecting the contribution of all team members which results in a terrific build...and he makes it fun!

Freestyle Interiors

Ruffino Cabinetry is always thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Kukk Architecture & Design. Jon and his staff provide exceptional architecture for both the interior and exterior of the home. The interior layouts that Kukk Architecture creates make designing cabinetry and millwork for the areas effortless.

Ruffino Cabinetry

We are always excited when we have the opportunity to work with Kukk Architecture & Design. Jon and his staff do an amazing job of listening to their clients objectives and goals & translating that vision into a project the client will be extremely proud to own.


"We have worked with Jon Kukk on several new home projects ranging from 4,000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft in the last 4 years. Jon was very intuitive and still maintained a team approach to the entire design process. We was extremely engaging, friendly and professional. In all cases, the client was delighted with the finished product. It is always my pleasure to be part of his and his client's team." -Sherri DuPont, President of Collins & DuPont Interior Design

Collins & DuPont Interior Design

The team at Kukk Architecture is a pleasure to work with and makes the home design process what it should be - exciting and stress free! We recommend Jon to our clients and look forward to many more successful projects together.

BCB Homes, Inc.


If you have a question not listed below please feel free to call us (239) 263-9996

What computer systems and software do you use?
We use ARCHICAD who is the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software application used by architects. It was first release 30 years ago and it’s all about BIM. It's been recognized as the first CAD product on a personal computer able to create both 2D and 3D geometry. Our office is Apple/Mac based. We also employ several 3D rendering software applications like Sketch-up and Cinema 4D to provide 3D visualizations.
What is your fee structure?
Typically we work two ways…. Complete hourly or price per AC square foot, which is fixed prior to production. Hourly is simple and our rates vary depending on the personnel. Clients who choose this method usually want a lot of personal service and like the transparency of the billing. Price per air-conditioned square foot is a fair method to estimate the fee based on the size of the project and then we can fix the fee once the schematic design is approved. Both methods prevent you from being penalized for expensive selections as occurs in a percentage based type fee. I.e. an expensive floor should take about the same amount of time to design as a less expensive floor from the architect’s perspective.
How involved is your office in the project after I get a permit?
We provide full construction administration services from site visits to shop drawing review. We can be as involved as needed for the project or as desired by the client.There is definitely a value to continued involvement: no one knows your home design and your design goals better at that point than our team.
How do we pick General Contractors?
We can help but we always suggest getting recommendations from neighbors and other professionals on your project. In addition to quality and budget control, your comfort with the contractor as team member is the most important.
What is base flood elevation or BFE?
This is the elevation set by the Federal emergency Managment Agency (FEMA) that puts the home above the height of a 1% annual chance of flooding. FEMA maintains maps that list all the BFE heights required for our locations. Note that an annual 1% chance is equal to an approximately 26% chance over a 30 year period.
What is the height restriction?
This depends greatly on where you home site is located. Each area and municipality have different zoning rules to guide the design and construction. We can help explain all the zoning rules and how they effect the design of your home.
How much time does it take to complete the drawings for permit?
This can vary but in general we can provide a permit ready submission set of drawings in sixty to ninety days from the date of approval of the schematic design.
How much time does it take to get a permit?
The timing varies greatly depending on which municipality or county is doing the review. In general, we find most areas to be fairly expeditious and the process lasts approximately three to six weeks depending on the local.
How can we share ideas and pictures besides the meetings?
We employ a number of web sharing sites like Dropbox and Houzz. They are both easy to load images or the drawings onto no matter the size. These online folders then can be maintained and shared easily with the whole team.
What are impact windows or shutters?
The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires that homes located in a high velocity wind zones have their openings either designed to an impact rating or be shuttered by an approved impact rated product. This means that windows and doors need to withstand a large missile impact hit and stay intact. The testing process is grueling and definitely limits some the product options available in these markets.
What are smart vents and why do we need them?
These are are a type of flood relief vents designed to provide a clean finished look and allow for a significant volume of water to flow thru the wall in the event of a flood. They are required for any enclosed space set below the base flood elevation (BFE) set by FEMA.
How does spatial perception work?
Spatial perception is a setback component of the zoning regulations in many communities. Its main goal is to limit how high projects can be built on the side yard setback lines. They generally list a height and a slope that the home cannot penetrate towards the side yard. Simply put the second floor usually needs additional side yard setback and two story homes right on the side yard are restricted.
How will we stay on schedule and make decisions when I’m out of town/at my home up north?
Most of our clients are seasonal and the process occurs at a distance. Email, Fed-x, phone conferences, Skype calls, etc. are all valuable tools to keep the process on track. We regularly send PDF files or place our progress drawing set onto sites like Dropbox so you can review our work. There is no substitute for face to face design discussions so we always welcome a regular schedule of visits.
Why should we choose Kukk Architecture & Design over other possibilities?
Jon will act as your personal firm representative. All meetings and design communication will be with Jon and he will create your design and directly monitor the work. You will not be handed off and forgotten.
What have we forgotten to ask?
Do you carry professional liability insurance? Yes we do. Our policy is a 1M/ 1M per incident. We will also list you as additionally insured on the policy if requested.
Is this process going to be fun (enjoyable)?
Yes but do your homework and ask a lot of questions. This is really a process of managing expectations and making sure they line up with reality… a very wonderful architectural reality. Good luck and thank you for the opportunity to be your architect.