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Naples Florida living room with large, stone fireplace designed by Kukk Architecture & Design, P.A. | Blog: Remodel 101

Remodel 101

Whether you’re looking to add a second-story master suite, or if you are going to customize the house to incorporate multi-generational design features, there are some key items that are applicable in virtually all remodels.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s never too early to call the architect: Whether you already have a general contractor, interior designer and landscape architect or if you need help putting together a team from scratch, the sooner you get an architect involved the sooner you can start saving time and streamlining the process from design concept to installation.
  • Start with a survey: For most remodel permits you’ll need a current boundary survey typically no more than one year old. Recent homebuyers may have one on file or we can coordinate a new survey. A survey and elevation certificate can give you important info about your potential for exterior modifications and parameters for your design constraints.
  • Find any drawings of the site and house: If you have just purchased the house ask the seller or realtor for any existing architectural and structural plans they will be extremely helpful throughout the process and can save much time and money.
  • Decide your budget: While there are remodel projects for every budget, understand that renovations are often full of unknowns so prioritize and select your most important “must-have” agenda items and realize that some fluff may have to be cut down to keep costs on track.
  • Address your goals: Is this remodel for resale value? FEMA 2012 to lower insurance? Modernization of lights and fixtures? Universal design to accommodate grand kids and aging in place? Adding additional square footage or rooms?
  • Once and done: During a remodel is the best time to fix any additional cosmetic repairs or add user enhancements you have been considering. Perhaps the project includes installing u-sockets to minimize charging clutter or adding roll down screens to your lanai.

Talk to us about how you like to enjoy your southwest Florida lifestyle and we can help you customize and remodel your space to best compliment you.